Reimagining Coding Bootcamps for
Underserved Teenagers

We're building a next-generation creator bootcamp that prepares underserved teenagers for the future of work and entrepreneurship.

Our Curriculum

Instead of offering a traditional coding bootcamp experience, we offer more of a sports vibe with our Tryouts, Training Camps, and Tournaments.Our curriculum includes visual programming (aka NoCode - building apps without coding), content creation and audience building using AI tools (Creator Economy), unlocking new opportunities using web3/Metaverse tools, and exploring potential careers options (jobs of the future, side hustles, and startup businesses).In addition to hard skills training, we help participants become more self-aware via a variety of assessments & exercises so they make choices in life that are aligned with their authentic selves.

Learn & Earn

With our "Learn & Earn" program, students receive virtual currency for making progress in their learning journey, which will be redeemable for SEEDschool fees and a variety of products and services in the Campus Marketplace.

Our Offering

We currently partner with aligned organizations to incorporate our content and learning management system into their educational programs. In the near future, we plan to host online cohorts for teenagers across the nation.

Our Pilot Partner

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